Videoder for iPhone Free Download

We’re all fans of Videoder. The app makes it easier than ever to download videos free online. The best thing about it is the easy interface and also the multiple websites it can get your downloads from. The efficiency of video downloading and the control you can exercise on the app to decide what resolution gets downloaded, along with where the downloads are stored make the app the best the internet has to offer.

Videoder comes built originally for Android. Anyone with Android 2.3 or higher can have full access to the app, though higher versions exponentially increase the beauty of the app.

Windows Users can use the app using Android Emulator, as explained in our article on Videoder for PC.

But what about Videoder for iOS users? Can you get the app on your iPhone or iPad as well? Let’s find out!

Videoder for iPhone and iPad

Turns out, you can get Videoder for iOS devices as well. No need to look for another Video downloader for iPhone and iPad. This one app will suffice. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download an Android Emulator for iPhone and iPad. The only one we’ve seen working properly is iAndroid. You can use another if you know it to work.
  2. Install it on your iPhone or iPad and make any necessary setting up.
  3. Download Videoder apk file from the internet.
  4. Export it to your iOS device if needed and run it on the Android Emulator.
  5. Run the app as usual.

That’s all it takes to run the app on your iPad or iPhone. There can be issues with convenience. Not everybody likes to open several nested apps to download videos free. But it will have to do. Otherwise, there are some pretty cool alternatives to the app as well.


Videoder for iOS: Alternatives

A lot of apps will let you download free videos online. There are less apps that run on iOS than on Android, but there are still plenty that might be useful for you. Want to know some cool ones from the list? Here they are!


Vidmate is pretty neat. It will download movies, music and Live TV while also catering YouTube downloads. Vidmate is a one stop solution for those who want to watch TV shows, download rare apps as well as stream unlimited movies. The app makes it a point to make search history accessible to you so you don’t have to fiddle around looking for the awesome video you found yesterday.


TubeMate is another such app, which in some categories outperforms all other apps. The video download speeds are unmatched and the resolutions offered are numerous too. The best thing about the app is the ease of access. Everything useful is available just a swipe away. This is why it is my favorite out of all others.

These are just two out of many other apps that can be viable alternatives. Getting Video download free is all a matter of which app you choose to get. Most Video downloader apk files can be run on iAndroid. Video download for free is a diverse genre, and Videoder is surely among the topmost stars of this genre. There is no reason to be stingy with mobile space. Go download Videoder now!