Videoder App Free Download: Install on PC (APK) & iPhone

Downloading videos free online is now easier than ever before. The Video downloader app Videoder is here to get all your favorite content ready in your smartphones saved for offline viewing.

Videoder App is relatively new in the market and certainly doesn’t match up with the experience of older apps like TubeMate or even Vidmate who have been in the field for longer. But there is something different the app offers; and that is in addition to downloading videos from YouTube online.

On this website, you will find Videoder Download Methods and Videoder APK to download the movie streaming app on your android, PC and Windows Phone.

Want to know what that entails? There’s a lot you can do with the app, and the variety of features will make your head spin. Accessing your Video downloads online and managing them is a boon that this app is ready to provide you, along with choicest of resolutions, details and other amazing functionality. Let’s see some amazing features the app has.

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Videoder App Features

Preview video:
Videos are available for previewing as you look at the download options. This helps you make sure you’re not downloading an irrelevant video or content.

Multiple Resolutions:

Video download online from YouTube lets you choose from various settings the content is available in. This means you can optimise your downloads instantly to be comfortable with your internet connection, time available and phone space.

Simultaneous Video Download:

No need to wait for one download to finish to start another. The app can handle downloading multiple videos from same or different sites and it doesn’t impact speed as terribly as in any other app.

Direct Music download:

YouTube videos can now be downloaded as pure audio files with the app, without having to use a video to MP3 converter app. It also holds for some other websites.

All these features of Videoder app are sure to make you surprised. There are still more we haven’t mentioned, like no restriction of website for download, or the wonderful and easy design of the app. But you get the idea; this is the best Video Downloader app online.

Check out the official video of the app.

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Videoder APK download

The app is a lovely way to get your favorite video download free. The app does not come on Google’s Play Store though. Without an official source to get the app, it can be difficult to get free video downloader.

But no need to worry! Videoder is available as an apk file online. The file is available for free on a lot of third party sites. Google Search “Videoder App APK” and get the file from any site. All you need to do now is scan the file and Install it on your Android smartphone.

Note: You must enable “Unknown Sources” on your android phone before installing the apk file. By default, your phone does not allow apk files from outside the Play Store to Install. Go to “Settings”. Enter “Security”. You should see “Unknown Sources somewhere in the options. Toggle it to allow apk files from outside to be installed.

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How to Install Videoder Downloader

There are no difficult or unique steps to Install this app. The general steps will do. Here is how to install this free Video Downloader on your Android phone:

  1. Download Videoder APK file.
    The file can be found online, or be taken from a friend who has the app on their smartphone.
  2. Allow Unknown Sources.
    The steps are listed above. Without doing this, the app won’t install.
  3. Run the downloaded file.
    Tapping on the downloaded file works.
  4. Go through the permissions.
    The permissions required by the app will be displayed on the screen. If you click Install underneath, the app will be running in your phone in no time.
  5. Run Videoder.
    The first run will help you get accustomed to the various features the app offers. Go through the settings and customise the download path and other features as required.


Videoder for Windows Phone

Videoder for Windows can be accomplished using an Android Emulator like BlueStacks or Andy or ManyMo. But Windows Phone cannot host BlueStacks or other Android emulators that well. So we’re left fending for ourselves on the Windows store and on third party websites.

Unfortunately, Videoder for Windows Phone is not possible by any method. The only recourse is to try out Videoder for Windows Phone Alternatives. There are many apps you might be interested in using for this purpose. Try out TubeMate, which has the fastest download speed. Vidmate could work well too, since it lets you download your favorite songs with movies and also converts videos directly to audio. For those of you looking for a different experience, MegaBox might be the app of your dreams.

We really hope Videoder becomes available as a Windows Phone friendly exe file soon. Till then, these apps are going to be great alternatives.

This is all you need to do. When you need to download YouTube Video free, use the app to Search the video, choose the resolution and your video will be downloaded in no time at all. The app is also useful to download videos from Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook and other sites.


Videoder for iPhone

iPhone and iPad users cannot do much to get the app on their devices. Videoder does not come as a dmg file. This means it is impossible for iOS to recognise Videoder and install it.

Due to lack of a time tested Android emulator, we cannot play the app through that route either. At your own risk, you may try out Cydia and use it to download iAndroid. However, you might be interested in pursuing Videoder for iOS Alternatives, which are popular, tried and tested as well as safe. They include Vidmate, ShowBox, Hotstar and Play View, Terrarium tv app. Take your pick!

Videoder for PC

Videoder does not come built for PC. But you can get it using an Android Emulator. We recommend BlueStacks, though Andy works fine too.
Step 1: Download BlueStacks
The official website has the exe file ready to download. The file is around 25 MB so please be patient. Make sure you have at least 1 GB of space in your PC for smooth functioning of the app.

Step 2: Set up BlueStacks on your PC
Run the app and then login using a gmail account. Do this or the app will not work.

Step 3: Download Videoder
Videoder apk file is a google search away. Get the file on your PC.

Step 4: Open Videoder apk using BlueStacks.
Drag and drop the apk file to the emulator’s window and let it download.

The file is downloaded in no time at all. Play Videoder using the “My Apps” icon on your desktop!

Have a question about Videoder for PC, iPhone? Want to know more about Video Downloaders Free? Comment below.

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